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7 Articles Discussing Current Marketing and Engagement Practices

Written by Todd! Stewart on Tuesday, 11 June 2013.

7 articles on successful digital strategies, mobile marketing, and intel on 'Generation We.'

Five Key Channels to Successful Digital Strategy

In an article titled “So Your CEO Says You Need to Be A “Digital First” Publisher,” Jeffrey S Litvack identifies five key channels for successful digital strategy:
• Online Presence
• Mobile & Tablet Optimized Websites
• Mobile & Tablet Native Apps
• Digital Editions
• Newsletters

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The Content Wars

In a crowded digital landscape, it has become harder than ever to ignite and connect with a community of loyal advocates for your brand by engaging them with good content – and here’s why.
• People Consume Content Differently Today
• Prospects are Jaded about Marketing
• Only the Exceptional Will Stand Out

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Future Trends: Advertisers Need to Be Online Storytellers

Display ads aren’t hip enough to generate interest. In an article titled “When Will Digital Ads Finally Generate a ‘Water-Cooler Moment’?” Christopher Hansen points out that advertisers will soon need to adopt an ability to tell a story to engage the audience.

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Rewriting the playbook for “Generation We”

Now I realize we’re not all in the business of entertainment, but in scanning the universe for innovative new campaigns to tap this digital generation, I suggest we use these examples as a primer and I propose some key takeaways:
• Lead with Social
• Tap nodes to drive early influence
• Build in geo-location data
• Moderate the conversation
• Find the emotional tie-in

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