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Media skills are business assets.

We want to help you take the reigns and become your own best media resource.

Workshops on media development, content building and distribution.

Zemmez workshops are designed to expand your skills, help you become confident at producing diverse forms of media, and how to best promote your media assets through a variety of channels. Like our consulting services, our workshops are collaborative and creative, and reflect the topics you want or need to learn.

Zemmez workshop and training sessions cover a wide range of topics.

Popular topics include:

  • creating and managing social network pages
  • producing content-driven marketing 
  • analytics: measuring your success
  • repurposing information in the information age
  • creating viral campaigns
  • finding and assessing your media audience
  • audience-centered media communication

Please contact Zemmez to learn more about our workshops, and to schedule your personal or group training sessions. We're dedicated teachers that love seeing others increase their media skills. We'd love to learn what kind of training we could offer you.